My purpose is to help families to travel responsibly and create unique tailor-made experiences.  


Travelling with children is difficult, equally challenging and rewarding.

There are alternatives to soulless touristic resorts and it is possible to have a true once in a lifetime adventure. 


I want to create memorable experiences for families, respectful of everyone involved, all over the world. 

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My Story

Travel have always been at the heart of my life since a very young age.

I was born in Poland and raised in France. I lived in the United Kingdom and now in The Netherlands with my family. 

My earliest memories involve the excitement of going on an airplane, long summer trips to hot Southern Europe and dreams of faraway lands. 

Once I could travel independently, the real adventures began with months-long road trip in Latin America, trekking challenges in Africa and culture shock along the Trans-Siberian. My hunger for travel was (is) never satisfied, and I am always about planning the next trip. 

When it comes to holidays, I enjoy remote, adventurous and authentic experiences, but also luxurious and full of connection with people.

My all-time favourite activity is to walk around a market in a foreign environment and learn about all the food.

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