This should cover everything, but should you have any other question, don't hesitate to reach out! 

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How does it work? 

I like to get to know 'my families', when you send your enquiry, we will schedule a video call (or a coffee if you live in Amsterdam). I will also  send you a travel questionnaire to make sure I have all the details needed. After this you will receive a quote for my services. 

How do you get paid? 

You pay a fee for my planning services. I do not get paid by hotels or other third party to sell their services. 

My fee is not time based, but more on the complexity of the trip. You can find an overview of planning fees on the services page. 

What do you take care of? 

I am a travel designer, so I will plan your entire trip, research all the items you need (accommodation, itinerary, activities, transfers, restaurants, additional services such as private chefs, babysitters..). I will organise all your reservations. 

What don't you take care of? 

Payments. For travel insurance purposes, you will be making payments to hotels and communicate credit cards details where necessary. I help you arrange all of this of course. 

Why don't you accept commission from hotels? 

Because I want to remain 100% transparent and objective. I will choose and suggest a hotel / a property because I believe it is totally right for you and your family. Not because I can earn a percentage of commission. 

Why don't you offer packages? 

Because every family is different so every trip should be different. Some love adventure, trekking and water sports. Other prefer culture, guided tours and would like to do a cooking class. I always adapt to the family and their taste, this cannot be packaged. 

Why do we need to apply for a membership? 

Because I need to ensure we can work well together and I can offer you what you need. It is also a question of time. This is a resource I cannot stretch (yet), so I need to ensure I have enough time to serve all 'my families'.  

Why don't you book flights? 

I do not have any added value booking flights for you. I will always recommend the best options depending on your criteria (length of flight, number of stops, budget,...). 

What if I want to cancel the trip? 

Life sometimes forces us to change our plans or cancel trips. And this is ok. My fee is paid at the start of the work and is not refundable. I always give you all the cancellation policies for hotels so you have all the information. Should you want me to help you cancel all your trip, I can do so for an additional fee. 

Why do you focus on families? 

Because I understand you. I have travelled extensively before having a family of my own. And I haven't stopped since having our children. But I understand it is a different challenge. My purpose is to help you continue travelling with the kids. 

Can you negotiate better rates? 

Sometimes I can. And if I do, then I will pass you on the discount. Sometimes I can negotiate an upgrade or additional services. I will always be transparent and give you the full breakdown. 

Why responsible? 

We all have our part to play, as travellers too. I will always recommend a property that actively helps their community and the planet. We vote with our feet and we have a responsibility. We can contribute positively in improving peoples' lives and our planet, so we should do it.  

Are there any trips to refuse to organise? 

I focus on families. But sometimes, my clients will ask me to organise a romantic get away without the children or an anniversary celebration. I do so on occasion. However, I do not plan corporate retreats or large group trips. 

Where are you based? 

I am based in Amsterdam, unless I am travelling. 

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