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I have been working with a range of businesses within the hospitality, from boutique properties to 5-star luxury hotels. 

My purpose is to help the hospitality sector, welcome families, better.  

From the room amenities to the offering and the service, I help you create the best possible offer for that segment of the market. 

Discover the services and contact me below to discuss your project in details. 

Audit / Diagnosis

Let's take a look at what you currently offer and how it works. I will test all the services and amenities in a real guest situation. 

Step 1

Comprehensive Report

A full report is delivered within 48 hours of the visit with the following:

  • Diagnosis of all the services and amenities

  • Detailed areas of potential  improvement

  • Competitive research 

Step 2

Creative Action Plan

You now know where improvements can be made, let's go one step further. I deliver a creative, efficient and pragmatic action plan that can be implemented within a defined budget/resource and time. 

Step 3

Support in implementation

You are ready to make improvements, I can support you with the training material, SOP's and follow up on the implementation. 

Step 4


"When Marta joined in 2013, CBFS was a small hospitality consultancy.

In the four years we worked together, Marta helped grow the business massively; creating a network of specialists and consultants, pitching for, winning and managing multiple high profile clients and creating meaningful strategies, concepts and creations.

Marta has a unique ability to appreciate culture, style and design, but at the same time seamlessly integrate commercial sense. This combination allows her to balance ideas with sustainable solutions, and generate long term value in every project she works on.

Marta has all the attributes and confidence to lead, but at the same time has an extraordinary work ethic which allows the impossible to happen.


If you are looking for hospitality support, advice and direction, you could not find a better person."

Chris Barber 

CEO CB Food Solutions


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