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20 reasons why you should plan a trip to Costa Rica

Such a small and beautiful country that packs a punch. Costa Rica is not off the beaten path but there are many hidden gems. The whole family will love it. We loved it so much that it is one of the few places we decided to visit again.

Never a dull moment, here are 20 reasons why you should plan a trip to Costa Rica.


Probably the number one most obvious: Nature. How many shades of green can there be? According to statistics, 76% of the land is covered in trees and rainforests. Being here feels like being transported into a forest paradise completely opposite from our western world.

Hiding in trees in Monteverde

Arenal Volcano

The imposing volcano in la Fortuna cannot be missed. It is apparently still active and it is definitely with visiting. One of the special landmarks of Costa Rica.

Arenal Volcano

Surfing on the Pacific Coast

Surfing culture is big in Costa Rica and people from all over the world come to enjoy the waves of the Pacific Coast. Nosara, Samara and Santa Teresa are big surfing towns.

Taking surfing lessons in Samara

Paradise-like Beaches

Not surfing? That is totally fine. Beaches here tend to be wide, and large and are definitely beautiful. Across the country, beachfront areas are protected and cannot be built on, so views are not spoilt by ugly resorts. One of my favourites is the beach in Uvita with its whale tail.

My favourite beach, Uvita

Pura Vida

A concept to live by. When greeting locals and asking how they are, they will often answer "Pura Vida". It communicates joy, happiness, simple life, and pure life. Living life to the fullest.

Pura Vida or living to the fullest

Avocados, Pineapples. and Mangoes

So sweet and full of flavour! Tropical fruits straight from the source - just buy them from street vendors by the side of the road. They are affordable and so delicious! Not to forget watermelons, bananas (the small kind), plantains and rambutans.

Mango, Banana, Pineapple...

Early mornings

The sun sets all year long pretty much at the same time, between 17h and 18h. Unless you stay in a buzzy (young) town. Life gets pretty quiet in the evenings. However, the jungle starts waking up at 5 in the morning. And it is beautiful to witness. Gone are the late nights here, it's all about sunrise!

Sunrises are the best


In the wild, you will encounter agoutis, iguanas, pizote (a kind of racoon), stunning butterflies, snakes, scorpions, pelicans and of course, if you keep your eyes peeled: sloths. There are rescue centres to learn about the different species and get up close to satisfy the kid's curiosity.

Slothy our garden sloth


There are a few waterfalls scattered in the country, and for just a few colones, you can enjoy a refreshing swim, maybe even a jump in those crystal clear waters.

Refreshing waterfall swim

Kids included

A culture where kids are part of life. Simple. But still worth mentioning. From restaurants to surfing lessons, kids are welcome and people tend to be very sweet with them!

Kids can also surf!

Yoga life in Santa Teresa

A good companion to surf life is the yoga life. From several day-long retreats to 1h hour classes, all yogis will find what they need. And taking a yoga class with a jungle view is very special.


From November to March, it is warm (28 to 32 degrees), clear and very green, From March it gets very hot dusty and dry. From May the rainy season starts with September and October being the wettest month of the year. Definitely not a European summertime destination if you want to avoid the torrential warm showers, although it is the most affordable and quietest time to visit.

The rainforest in Monteverde

Crossing this endless forest on suspension bridges is a must. You will feel totally transported and very small at the same time. A paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers.

Suspension bridges in Monteverde

International Community in Nosara

It will come as no surprise, but lots of foreigners are relocating to Costa Rica in the winter months. Americans, Canadians and also Europeans favour this beautiful country to enjoy sunny months, Pura Vida and surfing. Rules are now simplified for digital nomads and anyone can make Costa Rica their home for a little while. This means it is also very easy to make like-minded friends and meet a truly fun community,


Not a coffee drinker myself, but I have it on good authority that the coffee here is second to none. You can even buy your beans straight from the plantation roasteries as you pass through - delicious!

Cacao tasting by the Caribbean sea

Near Puerto Viejo there is a cute shop/cocoa plantation that gives very educational (and delicious) tours explaining exactly what makes good cacao good and how high-quality chocolate should be made in respect of nature and people.

Real chocolate is yum!

Jungle life

Wearing shoes becomes unimportant. Kids love to go to school in the jungle barefoot and make friends with creepy creatures. Mowgli's life is true freedom for kids. Can be a slight challenge when we come back to the other world though ;-)

Kids love jungle life


When stepping foot in Costa Rica, you will live a true sense of adventure. There is a lot to see and do that is different from our normal lives, even getting around is part of the fun. River crossings in your 4x4 just to hang out on a deserted beach and walk through the jungle... Everything is novelty and excitement and exploring is a daily adventure.

Crossing that river is an adventure

The village of Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean side

The Caribbean coast feels quite different to the Pacific. Even slower and more Pura Vida. The food tastes different with the creole influence and the delicious spices. The music influence is more reggae. You cannot miss spending a few days in this tropical hideaway. I've met quite a few people who visited and never left. I can understand.

Puerto Viejo in all its beauty

The feeling of safety all around

This question comes to me on a regular basis: is it safe to travel to Costa Rica with children? My quick and simple answer is a resounding: YES! We all feel safe here and the locals are very welcoming.

Ready to enjoy the Pura Vida with your family? Get in touch if you need help or more advice in planning your trip to Costa Rica.

Bon voyage

Marta x

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