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6 alternatives to ski holidays in February

Skiing has always been a real luxury holiday. With prices still increasing and the uncertainty to have snow at the right time, it might be worth considering an alternative adventure. There are plenty of destinations really worth visiting in the off-season. You will often find empty places, affordable hotel stays and a more authentic experience without any tourists around. So let's go, here are 6 alternatives to ski holidays in February.

If you want some sunshine

No need to change the timezone to find sunshine in February. I give you 4 locations where it should* be sunny, and the temperature mild to very pleasant.


This small Portuguese island is located in the Atlantic. The dramatic landscape of natural pools in lava rocks, cliffs overlooking the ocean and beautiful hiking trails make it a must-visit.

  • Highlights: Hiking, Gastronomy, Whale watching, Stunning views

  • Temperature expected: Up to 20 degrees

  • How to get there: <4 hours

Egypte - Luxor

Luxor is a city on the banks of the Nile River in Southern Egypt. This is where you will find the biggest concentration of ancient attractions. It is a fabulous stop in a larger discovery of Egypt.

  • Highlights: Ancient Egyptian Sites, Incredible views (hot air balloon), Nile Cruise

  • Temperature expected: Up to 26 degrees

  • How to get there: <5 hours


One of the many greek islands, there are many Greek and Roman landmarks to visit, but also beautiful sandy beaches. Its size guarantees all amenities are open and great family hotels offer good options.

  • Highlights: Beach, Forest, Archeological Sites, Gastronomy

  • Temperature expected: Up to 18 degrees

  • How to get there: <5 hours

Fes, Morocco

Fes is often referred to as Morocco's cultural capital. It is an alternative choice to Morocco, also viewed as more authentic and less busy. It is a perfect stop on a journey around North Morocco (+ Casablanca).

  • Highlights: Culture, Medina, Gardens, Tanneries

  • Temperature expected: Up to 20 degrees

  • How to get there: <5 hours

If you still want a wintery vibe but do not want to fork out the price of ski resorts or are not particularly interested in winter sports, think of paying a visit to those beautiful places.

Zurich and the region

Zurich is the perfect gateway to beautiful countryside and lakes. You can spend a few days visiting the city, then escaping to Lake Lucern and national parks. The best of both worlds. You might even see it under the snow.

  • Highlights: Waterfront, Culture, Old town, Lakes, Chocolate

  • Temperature expected: Up to 6 degrees

  • How to get there: <3 hours (or with a night train)

Gothenburg, Sweden

It is the second largest city in Sweden and has a very cool, young atmosphere. It has a vibrant cultural scene and beautiful dutch style canals. Take the opportunity to escape to the Archipelago and see a bit more of the region.

  • Highlights: Gastronomy, Markets, Museums, Gardens, Archipelago

  • Temperature expected: Up to 3 degrees

  • How to get there: <3 hours

Let's remember the best way to pay less on holidays, is to go where the crowds are not.

I hope this has inspired you to look at different options for the February winter holidays. Are you ready to go against the crowds and discover something new? Do not hesitate to reach out to discuss your next family holiday.

Bon voyage

Marta x

*Important note: If there is one thing we have learnt in the past years: the weather is more and more unpredictable. Crazy hot summers in Northern Europe, an abnormal amount of rain in the tropics and lack of snow in the mountains etc... You know it, nothing can be guaranteed.

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