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Best train rides coming up in 2023

With the crazy airport chaos we saw this summer, any alternative to flying is welcome. Train rides are getting better and better. We all hope that short and medium flight journeys can one day be replaced by comfortable and relaxed train experiences. So what is ahead for 2023, what new train rides can we expect?

In Europe

So far, from Amsterdam, we can travel to Zurich, Prague, Florence, Milan, Venice and even Copenhagen. But we need more options (and better prices please!).

  • Paris to Berlin will open a direct line taking only 7 hours.

  • Amsterdam to the mountains

With 'snow Thalys', direct train to the mountains with stops from Chambery to Bourg St Maurice. The trains will depart early morning from Amsterdam and arrive mid afternoon in the mountains.

The sale of Thalys Snow tickets for travel on Saturdays between 24 December 2022 and 25 March 2023 will start on 6 October 2022.

  • Amsterdam to the south of France

It is already possible to link Amsterdam to Marseilles, but this new line will be aboard a sleeper train. an initiative from European Sleeper and Sunweb, on which we are waiting for more details. But that could be a really sound and easy option, especially for the franchise going back 'home' for the summer.

  • Amsterdam to Barcelona

Another fantastic opening from European Sleeper, linking Amsterdam to Barcelona. It is said to launch in December 2023. This will allow to resume long weekends in Europe without feeling guilty of taking a flight.

  • Amsterdam to Warsaw and more

Nightjet, the Austrian sleeper train has large ambitions to launch more and more destinations in Europe. They have reveleaed their new sleeper carriage, which looks. clean, modern and beautiful. They will start new destinations next year with an aim to be fully up and running by 2025.

  • Orient Express - La Dolce Vita

This glamourous train will connect Rome to Paris, Split and Instanbul. Although children are welcome in those trains, this one might be one to keep for a special occasion as a couple ;-)

  • Hamburg to Stockholm

The Nordics will finally be linked to Western Europe by train. The service has already launched, but there is limited availability on sleeper options, so by 2023, everything should be bookable. The two cities are connected with a comfortable new night train in 13 hours with SJ Euronight.

In Central America

The Mayan Train, a long distance journey of 1800 km around the Yucatan peninsula. What an adventure! This train line is only the beginning. Mexico has large ambitions to have many new routes, linking the whole country. Making Mexico a very appealing destination in the future!

In Africa

The African trilogy is an odyssea on board of a new luxury train. The adventure starts in Pretoria, South Africa, through the Krueger park, to arrive in Namibia 15 days later. Here is what they state about bringing children "ask parents to be sensitive to the adult nature and atmosphere of the train by keeping them respectful and quiet.". A great adventure with teenagers, a poor choice with toddlers.

Looking further, in 2024, Midnight Train will launch with exceptionally designed and comfortable cabins, linking Paris to Edinburgh, Copenhagen, Madrid and more. A true boutique hotel on rails.

The train system in Europe is still confusing with so many different players, booking platforms and price differences. But it is getting better year after year. The future is bright for train journeys. I cannot wait to experience more of those in the coming months and years

Bon voyage

Marta x

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