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Adventures on our doorstep: Easter on the beach

Chocolate eggs, sand and fresh air were on the program of this year.

Our plans for the Easter weekend had to change a bit. I originally organised a weekend in Rotterdam, staying in a very cool green hotel, doing a bunch of fun activities. But since hospitality was still shut, I decided to look for alternatives and found a fantastic option to stay in a beach house, yes, literally on the beach.

Our strandhuisje - Katwijk Aan Zee

The 'strandhuisje' is located 45 minutes from home, in Katwijk Aan Zee. I have always liked this location. The beach is quiet, not overly developed, with just a few 'strandpavilions' and no big buildings.

The house is very simple, but really well appointed with 2 bedrooms with bunkbeds and a mezzanine double bedroom. The kitchen and bathroom are basic, but just what you need for a long weekend. What makes it really special is obviously its location, right on the beach.

The aperitif spot - Katwijk Aan Zee

The kids could safely step out of the front door and play in the sand. We enjoyed walks to multiple playgrounds on the beach and to the village to pick up delicious treats (first Dutch asparagus and strawberries).

There are a few places in The Netherlands with similar beach houses. Some of them are part of 'vakantieparks', others are totally independant. Some offer little private space, on long rows, and others, like this one make you feel like you are alone on the beach. There were 5 other houses part of the same property, but this felt private enough.

No matter what, they get booked out very quickly (think almost a year in advance for the best dates), so should it be something you are interested in, don't hesitate.

A private beach and endless playground - Katwijk Aan Zee

I would highly recommend this place and would definitely go back with our little family to spend another weekend on the beach. Our host mentioned they get cancellations, so even if they appear fully booked until the end of the season, there might always be an opportunity....

Best spot to enjoy the sunset - Katwijk Aan Zee

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