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Family Travel Series #2: Sophie from Belgium on her family world trip and having to cut it short

Whist we cannot travel, we want to remember our trips and dream of the next ones.

I am launching a travel series to read about lovely family experiences all over the world and entertain us.

Thank you so much to Sophie for sharing her experience with us! ❤️

Where and when was your last trip before the Coronavirus outbreak? We were in New Zealand when the virus caught us up... (we still are in NZ in fact ;-))

Tell us a bit about your family, your travel habits, your favourite trips. Family of 5 - Camille has celebrated her 10th birthday in NZ 2 weeks ago, Pauline - 7, & Juliette - 5. We are travel lovers and making 1 overseas trip each year. It bounds us, it energizes and fulfils our family needs.

Where would you love to go and hide away now? In Kangaroo Island, swimming with the dolphins!

Where was your next trip planned? How did Coronavirus affect your plans? Did you have to cancel anything? French Polynesia. Since Dec 2019, we are making a world trip. We already discovered Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Australia. Up to now, this trip has been fantastic! We heard about the Coronavirus reaching some countries in the world, but we escaped from it in Asia and in Australia. It caught up in NZ where we are lock-downed now... Last week, with a lot of emotions, we said goodbye to the last month of our dream trip. Goodbye to French Polynesia, Easter Island and Chile...

Share your best travel picture, the one that you keep coming back to, the one that currently makes you dream and smile.

The family all smiles in Sidney

Where are you looking forward to travelling to next? Probably go to French Polynesia. We already have a trip planned in Marocco for the end of the year. And have a long checklist of others (Costa Rica, Argentina, Canada, Scandinavia, ...)

Do you think you will travel more or less? Do you think your travel habits will change? Do you feel inspired to see more? This situation won't change my travel habits. We will travel as much!

Is there anything else you would like to share? Thank you for letting us dream through travels

Would you like to share your family travel story in this short interview? Get in touch via email

Let's keep dreaming about travelling

Marta x

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