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Family Travel Series #3: Delphine from Amsterdam on looking closer

Whist we cannot travel, we want to remember our trips and dream of the next ones.

I am launching a travel series to read about lovely family experiences all over the world and entertain us.

Thank you so much to Delphine for sharing her experience with us! ❤️

Where and when was your last trip before the Coronavirus outbreak? February 2020 Taghazout Morocco

Tell us a bit about your family, your travel habits, your favourite trips. We are a family with 4 teenagers, we travel once a year with them. Sometimes we go to my homeland France, we rent a house or go camping but we also sometimes travel to an all-inclusive hotel. That is easier with 5 people. Every year my husband and I go to a very cosy place, we like the atmosphere of the adults-only hotels. We usually stay in Europe. Several times a year, we go to France, Bourgogne or to Paris to visit my family.

Where would you love to go and hide away now? I would love to be in my homeland France, Bourgogne with my family.

Where was your next trip planned? How did Coronavirus affect your plans? Did you have to cancel anything? Our next trip is planned in July, we are supposed to go to the Crete in Greece. We don't know if we will go and if it will be possible if the hotel is not closed etc. We booked in early January and already paid 900€. So wait and see.

Share your best travel picture, the one that you keep coming back to, the one that currently makes you dream and smile.

Beautiful Taghazout in Morocco

Where are you looking forward to travelling to next? My wish was to celebrate my 50th birthday in the Maldives in March 2022. We also would love to discover Scotland and to go back to Connemara in Ireland.

Do you think you will travel more or less? Do you think your travel habits will change? Do you feel inspired to see more? Yes definitely, I think that I will try to take less the plane. So I am not sure about the Maldives. And maybe we will buy a camper!

Is there anything else you would like to share? Sometimes we go far to search for something that we have here. Just open your eyes.

Would you like to share your family travel story in this short interview? Get in touch via email

Let's keep dreaming about travelling

Marta x

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