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Family Travel Series #4: Dorota from Hanoi and her wish for a 'normal' Sunday stroll

Whist we cannot travel, we want to remember our trips and dream of the next ones.

I am launching a travel series to read about lovely family experiences all over the world and entertain us.

Thank you so much to Dorota for sharing her experience with us! ❤️

Where and when was your last trip before the Coronavirus outbreak? Myanmar in December 2019 - a wonderful adventure too beautiful for words. We saw the most amazing sunsets, sunrises and landscapes, we marvelled at the silence and the golden light of the innumerable pagodas and enjoyed sleeping on luxury buses.

Tell us a bit about your family, your travel habits, your favourite trips. We've been expats in Asia for 8 years now with a break in the Caribbean for 2 years. We are now in Hanoi which we love but home will always be North-Eastern France where our parents live. Our kids are 9 and 12 now, very easy travellers although the eldest is nervous about flying, airport security, timings and forgotten paperwork! We like to mix adventure with a touch of luxury- homestays on stilts, city walking, biking trips, geocaching in abandoned amusement parks and long bus drives... with the occasional 5-star buffet breakfast. Our favourite trip is probably summer in Europe spent travelling from family home to family home and meeting friends, enjoying backyard BBQs and guest rooms everywhere. Exhausting but filling for a long year away. We also love our weekend hikes in the countryside around Hanoi. We enjoy it all, a perfect mix of near and far, exotic and mundane.

Where would you love to go and hide away now? When cases started appearing beyond China and the first travel bans emerged, while schools had been closed for over a month in Vietnam and there was no sign of reopening, our kids wanted to go back to the French countryside in the remote and green Ardennes or Boulonnais... to be pampered by their grandparents! This did not happen... but we are looking forward to being able to walk in the forests, pick berries, or walk along endless beaches by the Manche. Just... a normal Sunday back home?

Where was your next trip planned? How did Coronavirus affect your plans? Did you have to cancel anything? We were supposed to be in Sydney, Australia this late March for our daughter's international swimming competition. It was cancelled very early in the crisis and we had to cancel flights and update our very disappointed friends Down Under whom we had not seen for years. In February, we also had planned a short countryside stay nearby Hanoi for a spring break, which was cancelled by the host as stricter government regulations would not allow them to have foreigners as guests.

Share your best travel picture, the one that you keep coming back to, the one that currently makes you dream and smile.

The family cruising around beautiful temples of Myanmar

Where are you looking forward to travelling to next? Well... Europe would be nice but for now, it looks like a 10000km hike across Central Asia or an even longer pedalboat cruise is the only option. Let's say we are looking forward to that first travel booking after the pandemic, it will be a total surprise!

Do you think you will travel more or less? Do you think your travel habits will change? Do you feel inspired to see more? I feel lucky that we have seen so much already and have gathered so many wonderful memories. I will go back to enjoying photography strolls in the Old Quarter of Hanoi and I'll be dreaming of places we have never seen yet. I'll think about more meaningful travel for sure, with lifelong memories of good times with friends or unique unseen places.

Is there anything else you would like to share? Save lives, #stayhome!

Would you like to share your family travel story in this short interview? Get in touch via email marta@uniquetravels.org.

Let's keep dreaming about travelling

Marta x

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