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Google Trips: A fantastic tool that will make all our trips and experiences identical

It's a super cool tool, allowing you to keep everything travel in one place. It's not new or revolutionary, but the way it is done is smart and clean. I like how I can look back through my previous trips or my current research. I like that it will instantly tell me how to get from an airport, offering me all the best options.

Google Trips

Although it is a bit freaky at times (I mean, they know exactly where I was, when and for how long), it is useful.

But it has its limits.

I am currently planning a long weekend in Warsaw. I know the city very well but this time, I wanted to take a different approach, look at different areas and discover more. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the 'things to do' section on Google Trips and you will find the top 3 parks (or the most visited and rated on Google), restaurants and museums.

Your pre-arranged tour

They even offer a day plan with "48 hours in Warsaw" with a full itinerary. Great. Shall we all queue together as we start the journey and do our 7 activities in the same order?

This is fantastic if you do not have time to organise anything and don't mind doing what everybody else does. No research, you don't even need to read a guide book. But what a shame. If you are only surrounded by tourists who do the same things as you, what are you actually discovering?

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