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How far is too far for food?

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

It's not about travelling to tick the top 50 restaurants list. I do enjoy a foodie adventure. And for me, travel and food go together. Now ... when it's travel for food, it gets even more exciting!

Fäviken or a huge carbon footprint for a 28-course dinner

It was in April, in the far North of Sweden, with friends and a 4 months old baby.

This food adventure was planned a year in advance, and in the meantime, our life circumstances changed. But we were not going to cancel. So we took the little one with us on 2 trains, 2 planes and 2 hours drive in the middle of nowhere in Sweden.

Was it worth it? Hell yes!

You have to stay on location in the lovely cosy rooms above the restaurant. You can have a sauna and beers before dinner. No strict rules or fancy dress code but just arrive punctually at 19h when the show begins. I will not reveal anything we ate or the setting, atmosphere and experience. I wouldn't want to spoil it for those who will be lucky to experience it. But hurry up, they are closing at the end of this year!

Emilia Romagna and a real food marathon

Yes, there is the super famous Osteria Francescana, (which is beyond outstanding) but not only. The concept of that trip was "How much food can we stuff in over 4 days?". Luckily, Italians are not the strongest on breakfast, so we had to concentrate our efforts on lunch, aperitivo and dinner. And between Modena, Parma and Bologna there was a lot to explore. Gnocchi, tortellini and all kinds of pasta obviously, but also ham, balsamico, tomatoes, parmesan tasting, gelato... It was hard work and worth the 2-hours flight. That kind of trip is the perfect cure when feeling a bit 'meh' or under the weather.

Brixton for a curry

ok, a bit of sarcasm here, but in London, it is still quite a journey when you live around Camden. There is this simplest, down to earth, curry house. It's BYOB, it's tacky and delicious. I remember the genuine excitement when we landed from a weekend away in Gatwick and realised we could - with a tiny detour - go and enjoy a great dinner for £10. It's not about the service, the surrounding or the experience, it is really about the most delicious curry I have ever tried.

I have organised a few foodie adventures, and when it's a kid-free trip, quite frankly, my favourite activity is to go from meal to meal. I create the itinerary (with Mapstr) around the food, reach out to chefs I know, organise market tours and try and eat with locals. Eating is probably one of the best ways to understand a culture.

My Tel Aviv 'to eat' list

There is only one thing I wouldn't do for food anymore ... I definitely don't queue!

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