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My commitment to sustainability for your travels

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

I spent a good part of 2020 learning about sustainability in tourism, participating in relevant courses and getting the certifications that I felt were relevant. This is an ongoing learning process I am passionate about. In an effort to be transparent, here is what I would like to commit to, ongoing, with my clients:


When researching a hotel, a b&b or a guest home, I will focus on accommodations that have a clear sustainability policy. Hotels, from larger chains to boutique, should mention what they do to reduce their negative impact on the environment:

- employment and training of local communities

- reduction of plastic use (toiletries, food and drink)

- reduction of energy consumption

- food waste management and sourcing of local products

I will not only look for and recommend eco-labelled resorts but actually places that have certifications and work proactively on their sustainability.

Finding the perfect balance in Goldeneye in Jamaica
Finding the perfect balance in Goldeneye in Jamaica


I research (and book) any kind of activity for my clients. From a cooking class, a tour in the jungle, a visit to an elephant sanctuary or a yoga class, anything is possible. The most interesting is when the activity offers a real immersion in the local culture when the visitor can get a real feel.

I will prioritise sourcing activities that benefit directly a person and a community. For that, the individual should be paid a fair rate to provide his/her service. I will work directly as much as possible, avoiding fees of larger companies.

Cooking in a real home kitchen in Chiangmai
Cooking in a real home kitchen in Chiangmai


I am suggesting the best possible connections and itineraries that will limit the negative impact on the environment. If there is a comfortable and logical option to do a journey by train, that will be my solution. I do not reserve flights, but I will suggest the best, most direct and logical one for your trip. Railway connections will only improve in the coming years with the resurgence of night trains. I am very much looking forward to offering this kind of adventures.

Boarding a train in Sri Lanka
Boarding a train in Sri Lanka

Carbon offsetting

This is a vast topic, most of the time very confusing. I am looking at working with partners to help calculate the carbon footprint of a trip, then offer solutions to my clients who would like to offset their environmental impact. My aim here is to have concrete numbers that mean something to the end consumer, with concrete solutions. To be continued...

Unique Travels is all about responsible travels for families, and I want to make your travel experience as special as possible, in a sustainable way. So let's get back to travelling, better!


Certificates I have and courses I followed to learn about sustainable tourism

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