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Travel ideas for this summer depending on your family profile

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

It is still totally unclear what this summer will look like travel wise, but we have to move forward, hope and plan for the best. Some talk about traffic light systems, others of vaccination passports,... truth is no one has a clear view. So, with caution, let's take the positive side, and transform the dreaming we have been doing into planning.

But now, what to do? Where to go and how to organise it?

Here are some suggestions, based on your family profile and what is realistic. No, I won't suggest 3 weeks in Thailand with a newborn ... although...🤔. [An important side note on what is realistic. It is definitely to stay within European borders to avoid mandatory quarantines, but also being stuck somewhere without any means to come back.]

Now, I am sure lots of us will want to plan a holiday with our closest friends and family, having not seen them for a long time. The following options can be done with and without your extended tribe.

Exhausted parents with young children who need to chill

Few years ago, the most chilled escape to this beautiful agroturismo in Ibiza.
Few years ago, the most chilled escape to this beautiful agroturismo in Ibiza.

You had a baby in lockdown, or have small humans who still very much need you, all-the-time. You haven't seen anything other than your home and just crave vitamin D, some rest and a very chilled holiday. The aim here is not for you to replicate your home routine elsewhere. Yet, you want space and relaxation, maybe someone who can help with the kids and perhaps a spa to relax, right?

So, let's imagine...💭

A beautiful small boutique hotel, somewhere sunny, within Europe. The staff offers outstanding service. The restaurant caters delicious healthy and easy food. There are not too many people around, space by the swimming pool in a shaded garden. You can explore should you wish, but you can also stay around the pool, guilt-free.

Where would I recommend? 📍

A short - direct - flight to Ibiza. Forget about the party scene, head straight inland to the quiet parts of the island and retreat in one of the beautiful agroturismos.

Parents who want to hang out with friends

Chilling by the pool in the Tuscan rolling hills

Your kids are more independent, they enjoy jumping around the pool with their friends all day long. You enjoy long lunches with friends, barbecues, walking around markets and napping after lunch. The easy life to disconnect fully from your busy routine back home.

So let's imagine...💭

A beautifully designed villa, with all the comfort needed, enough bedrooms for 2/3 families, a big swimming pool and attentive service to take away the daily chores. Housekeeping but also why mot a cook / chef to cater some outstanding dinners. Nearby, you can drive to artisan markets, wineries and beaches to enjoy long lunches in the shade.

Where would I recommend? 📍

South of France, Corsica or Tuscany are easily reachable on short flights and even drives. You can find the village life, the buzzing restaurants and the retreated villas.

Adventurous families who missed getting out there but happy to avoid people

You are not in a rush to fly again and want to avoid unnecessary contacts at all costs. You do enjoy freedom, and will not follow the crowds to the Med and the usual touristic hotspots. You don't particularly enjoy high temperatures, and summer in the low 20's is as much as you want.

So let's imagine...💭

You are ready to combine lots of adventures ... boat, car, camper. Stunning sceneries with limited contact with people... you are cruising on a boat with your family around fjords for a few days. Or you are deep in a road trip, on the less driven roads, stopping in authentic villages and discovering local cuisine.

Where would I recommend? 📍

The Nordics offer lots of space and less people. It is the less obvious choice, yet, it has so much to offer. There is a lot to see, and you can either combine a full tour of Norway, Sweden and Finland over summer or focus on discovering one country fully.

Multi-generational family reunion

You missed them over the past months, and you need to get back together, no matter what. Grandparents, aunties and cousins are ready to gather all together for a family gathering like never before. You want comfort, space and a real playground for the kids you have missed misbehaving with their cousins.

So let's imagine...💭

A big villa in a quiet rural village with a stunning view over vineyards, lavender fields or mountains. Everyone is happy to chip in, but you enjoy the service and catering once in a while for the large family. The location is maybe less important, as it is about being finally reunited.

Where would I recommend? 📍

The key factor here is to find an easy place accessible to everyone. Depending if you are dispatched in a country, or over Europe. Let's try and find the common gathering spot. The Swiss countryside, Germany or around the Loire are all fantastic options.

Now, no matter the project, it is crucial to look at cancellation policies, possibilities of refunds and payment conditions. Some locations are very flexible, others plan for the worse and do not offer any leeway.

Some accommodation will not offer a possibility of refund anymore, but vouchers valid for 24 months to ensure you can rebook your trip.

From transportation, to hotel and car rental, make sure you read the fine print as those will have changed in the past year.

So tell me, what would you like to plan for this summer? What are your dreams? And how can I help you?

👉🏼Get in touch with me over here

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