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What is luxury?

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

To some it would be sitting on a sun-lounger, with a cocktail, in a five star hotel doing nothing. For others, it would be sleeping until late and having breakfast in a comfortable bed with beautiful crips sheets.

I definitely don't disagree with those.

My vision of luxury has slightly changed since having kids.

When you have a family with small, loud, never-tired humans, luxury can be achieved with almost nothing.

My luxury is time.

We just came back from a 2 weeks family holiday. Not our usual kind of holiday. To start with, we went to France, not Kuala Lumpur or Lesotho. We stayed in the same place for the whole duration instead of packing our bags every 4 night. We rented a beautiful house in a tiny village in Provence. We enjoyed swimming, napping during the day, watching tv when the sun was too strong, walking around markets, eating delicious fish and ugly tomatoes, indulging on ice cream and buttery pastries.


We had no pressure to do things, to visit anything or to meet anyone. No obligation to try this delicacy or walk around this church. But just be.

We pushed the boat even further when we offloaded the kids to family for a full weekend and came back in the holiday house with friends to party, drink rose in the pool, play petanque and do even less.

After the blissful family holiday and the party weekend - for a number of reasons - I found myself flying back solo to go back home. I had to wait 4 hours at the airport ... alone with my kindle and a magazine, with nothing to do. That was the best way to finish a holiday.

And to me... that was true luxury!

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