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What to plan for the Easter long weekend?

I don't know you, but I have enough packing half of my house to a rental accommodation to then unpack everything and cook/eat the same as at home. It seems that every break and staycation in the past year involved this setup and I am ready for something else.

The usual setup when going away for a weekend

In The Netherlands, Easter will not be happening during a school holiday, but check the schedule for a good old 'studiedag', making it a 4 to 5 day weekend.

As much as we were hoping to be able to see our families and friends abroad, for a number of reasons, we will wait a little longer. So we have some free time, and the desire to do something. But, as ranted above, I am not packing my Albert Heijn crates full of snacks and renting a car.

I miss Service. I would like someone to make our beds, lay the breakfast spread and advise me about fun things to do. I want to pack a light bag and leave the house by train to head somewhere fun and vibrant. I also miss Culture and seeing some different architecture, a museum and sitting on a terrace looking at people passing by.

So that's our brief. We are going for a city escape.

We will start the adventure by our front door, leaving with just a small bag and taking the metro and the train to head for an exciting hotel stay and city break. Fingers crossed for restaurants to be open and the sun to shine. If both those boxes are ticked, we are in for a fantastic time.

I'll report on our destination and activities when we are back, but for now, here are some tips for places to visit and things to do over the Easter break if you are in The Netherlands

Texel and the Frisian islands

Texel is very easy to access and the journey is really enjoyable. The islands get packed in summer, so now is a good time to go over there to explore. Rent bikes and hop from beach to beach. Ameland was our original option, but I couldn't book the accommodation I wanted, so we are saving it for next time. We visited Texel years back, before children and really loved it. I am really looking forward to visiting again and exploring the islands further.

Classic Texel landscape

The Veluwe at Het Roode Koper

This place is fabulous and somehow very child-friendly. When driving there, you have the feeling of reaching a hidden countryside gem. There is a heated swimming pool, an excellent restaurant and the rooms are very comfortable. We stayed there a couple of years ago with the kids and I would definitely visit again.

Perfect gardens at the Roode Koper


I wrote about it last week as we visited during the February holidays. I cannot recommend Zeeland high enough. With a few more degrees, it will be even better. Do not forget it is apparently the sunniest spot in The Netherlands. Read more over here.

Cycling around Zeeland

Tips for your accommodations:

Be aware that rental accommodations are already quite booked with very little choice of decent B&B's. As people are not travelling further abroad, most of the owners stay in their homes or visit their second properties and therefore do not rent them. This is also a reason why we chose a hotel instead of a house. The choice was not there and we were not ready to compromise on quality.

Holiday parks will be an easy option, but get ready for crowds. Book now and search for the best possible upgrade. I recommend you to pay the extra to choose your house (away from the main building, by the best spot to see the animals,...)

Countryside hotels with nice restaurants will also be booked very quickly. As a family, you have specific needs when it comes to the room. Discuss your requirements as early as possible with the hotel. If you need joining rooms or large family suites, book them asap.

Fingers crossed that restaurants will be able to open by Easter, at least terraces. This will definitely lift everyone's spirits, customers and businesses. April is filled with hope to restart a normal life again, travels, dinners out and activities are very much on the horizons.

If you need help arranging your Easter break, do not hesitate to get in touch. I will happily recommend you hotels, properties and activities for you and your family.

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