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Why use a travel designer?

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Travel agents are a thing of the 90’s right? I remember my mother going to our local travel agent in France, with her cheque book, to pay for our yearly holiday or even flights. It seems crazy when you think about it now. The recent collapse of a well-established travel company proves we do not need people selling package holidays in catalogues. The internet is a wealth of information and allows you to book anything you want.

But here is the problem … there is a lot of information, right?

Unless you know exactly what you want, are super organised, and ready to spend a lot of time to plan the perfect escape, it is a challenge to make the difference between the good, the bad, the overpriced and the social media craze.

On top of this, everyone is a reviewer and will forward their opinion. It is great and valuable. But it can be confusing. You might have a poor experience in someplace, because it was bad, or because it was not suitable for you.

I read the following review the other day:

“There were lots of kids running around, which disturbed the peace of the environment”. This lovely couple was giving an average review to a family-focused hotel. Hmm. You see where the problem is here.

By the way, unless you want to convince yourself never to have children, do not go to a family hotel without kids ;-)

So what is the value of using a travel designer?

First: Time & Method

You start researching a hotel somewhere, lose yourself in the different links, social media posts and finish 3 hours later researching why penguins are birds. None the wiser about what you should do for Easter with the kids.

I dedicate my time to research and reading. I have an efficient method when it comes to finding the right place, activity and designing an itinerary. I also spend a lot of time talking to hotels so I know what questions to ask and can judge quickly if a place is suitable.

Second: Knowledge & Network

Why make the trip in that order? Why should you start with culture, finish at the beach and have a buffer day? How long will it take to transfer at the best and worst-case scenario? How can this be arranged? What should you do with kids? This is where I have the most fun.

When I visited Tel Aviv for the first time, I had an idea of what I wanted out of the trip but no knowledge. After my reading and research, I reached out to my friend James. He put me in touch with one of his great chef friends living and working in Tel Aviv. I needed a local contact who could take us around and with whom I could exchange. After taking his advice, we spent 5 days eating in the best possible restaurants and markets stalls. The ones packed with local chefs late at night. The ones without tourists.

If I don’t have the knowledge about a destination, I will find the person who knows.

Third: Passion & Curiosity

It really annoys me when I hear about a family’s travel experience described as average, not great or just ok. We have so few holidays and so little time. The breaks we take need to be nothing less than exceptional, don’t you think?

This is what I love creating for happy travellers. I am curious about you, what you love, what your kids prefer. With that knowledge, I challenge myself to create the most memorable experience for you. My favourite question I will ask: If your holiday had a title, what would it be?

So much more than a travel agent, we design unique travel experiences. We make travel easy, special and memorable. I hope this helped you understand the value of a travel designer and made you dream a little bigger about your next adventure.

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